In post #4, we talked about the Seasonal Entry Solution. It’s a design idea I created, after several of my clients were experiencing the same dilemma: wanting to decorate for the seasons, without dragging boxes out of the basement or attic.

Only a few items are needed, to make this work for you: a furniture piece with storage; something to hang on the wall above it; a lamp; a container/vessel; and something for the door. These items will stay in place year round. Then, inside the furniture piece, you will store seasonal decorations to add for each holiday. Imagine filling a container with ceramic eggs for Easter, seashells in summer, etc. Add seasonal flowers to the tablescape and the door hanging. In other words, stashed inside one storage piece, exists a year’s worth of decor.

So, in this shop category, I’ve featured everything you need, to give your Entryway a facelift AND make seasonal decorating easier than ever!

The Seasonal Entry Solution

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Pulaski-Adelle-4-doors-demilune-chest-34-by-16-by-34-Inch-Multi SALE

Demilune Four Door Chest

$452.18 $451.52  

Pulaski-Classic-New-England-Distressed-Accent-Drawer-Chest-Green SALE

Three Drawer Chest

$445.11 $334.94  

Stanford-Nailhead-Accent-Chest SALE

Stanford Nailhead Accent Chest

$357.53 $339.15  

Aqua-Agate-Printed-Canvas-With-Gel-Coat SALE

Agate Printed on Canvas

$69.99 $65.44  


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