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Welcome to the Prepperista Shop!

I’m Deb King, an Interior Designer and Newbie Prepper.  Here, in my online shop, I’ve carefully selected each product, hoping to bring you lovely things to see, while saving you lots of time.

Here’s the great news: this is also an Amazon shop!

Which means, once you’ve finished placing items in your shopping cart, you will be directed to Amazon’s secure check out system. At that point, you may take full advantage of all of the fabulous Amazon options, such as Prime. And when you purchase via my shop, the nice people at Amazon will pay me a small advertising commission–because I’ve taken the time to hand-select items and feature them here.

Thanks for taking a look. I hope you love shopping with me at Prepperista!

(To those of you viewing on a mobile phone or tablet, we seem to have a pesky glitch involving the quantity box on the products pages–the number is there, but the font is white, on a white background, which makes it invisible. If you simply select the black button for “Add to Shopping Bag” only one of the item will be added to your cart. You can also adjust the quantity when finalizing on Thanks for your patience, we will fix it as soon as possible.)


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